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Host for a wedding in Italy

Toastmaster for a wedding in Italy

An accompanist for a wedding in Italy is one of the most frequent requests in the list of our wedding services in Italy.

After all, someone should beautifully, harmoniously and in a language you understand to hold a symbolic ceremony in Italy. 

And if you are planning a wedding with guests, then at the wedding dinner it is always a pleasure to see a professional wedding host who will prompt, tell and direct the wedding atmosphere in the right direction.

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How does a wedding host in Italy hold a celebration?

At a wedding in Italy, the host is quite restrained, elegant and is the decoration of your holiday.


In Italy, it is not customary to hold many contests at weddings, to put guests in an awkward position, and here it is also not customary to say toasts. But, for every professional presenter, all your wishes always come first. Want toast? No problem. Do you want more quizzes and different activities? No problem. Your wedding, your rules.


There are no hosts at weddings in Italy. This is very sad, since the wedding turns into a feast with a huge number of guests, rather than into a fun, exciting program that we are so used to. Therefore, if you need a wedding host in Italy with knowledge of Russian, English, Italian, then write us a request and we will select the most suitable specialist for you. 

Leading the wedding from Italy or Leading the wedding from your city?

Here, the decision is always yours. If you already have a wedding host from your city and you want to see only him and no one else, then we will be very happy to see him at your holiday. Do not forget only that you will need to additionally pay for accommodation, meals and travel from your city and back to the host of the wedding. We can also help you with all the everyday questions of your wedding host. 


If you opt for our wedding leader, then we have different options for leaders who will spend your holiday at the highest level. 

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Master of ceremonies in Italy or Host for a wedding

What is the difference between a toastmaster for a wedding in Italy and a leader for a wedding in Italy? In general, everything is very simple: in different cultures, the toastmaster and the leader are the same word. But now, of course, it’s important to call the person conducting your wedding exactly the Host (or entertainer). 

Leading the wedding in Italy - Catherine Moreau

Catherine Moreau is a professional wedding host in Italy. Fluent in Italian, English and Russian. The main direction is weddings for Russian-speaking couples and for international couples (where the groom is Italian or English-speaking, and the bride is Russian-speaking). Holds symbolic ceremonies in Italy, wedding dinners and lunches. And also, in addition to weddings, holds corporate events throughout Italy. The wedding host lives in Rome, married to an Italian. For every wedding in Italy, Catherine Moreau has different looks: classic suits, floor-length dresses, as well as designer items made especially for events. Elegant and stylish hosting of your wedding in Italy or cheerful sabotage - everything is possible in the performance of Catherine Moreau. The wedding host works both alone and in pairs with other wedding hosts in Italy. 

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