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wedding forTWOin Italy

You have probably already seen on social networks how newlyweds celebrate their wedding only together. This format of weddings is gaining momentum. More and more couples want to avoid a big wedding with relatives they saw once in their lives and make a cozy holiday for themselves and their significant other. 

Advantages of a wedding for two:

  • you can enjoy each other and not worry about the guests

  • no need to entertain

  • great budget savings

  • you can combine wedding and honeymoon trip

  • no need to follow any wedding traditions and rules

  • you can 100% concentrate on each other, on your emotions

A wedding for two is chosen by those couples who aim to make a holiday for their loved ones. Who doesn’t want to kiss a hundred times to the stormy cries of relatives “Bitter”, a  wants to retire with a loved one on the Italian streets in some historic restaurant near the Trevi Fountain._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ Who wants peace and relaxation, not stress because one of the guests did not get along with each other. 


As you can see, weddings for two have a huge number of advantages. Especially if it's a wedding abroad. But I would also like to voice the feelings of our couples about the upcoming wedding and dispel the myths about a wedding for two, so that you have a complete picture of this type of holiday.

фото 4 свадьба для двоих в Риме. Свадебн

Myths about a wedding for two in Italy

  1. Wouldn't it be boring? It will not be boring. Because even for such a mini wedding, we are preparing for at least a month: we select a location, write a script for your couple, choose flowers, images of the bride, places for a photo session and, of course, implement all your dreams into the program. And even at a wedding for two, there can be a host who will prompt and direct the course of the holiday, while giving you the opportunity to be alone.

  2. We are afraid that we will not have the feeling of a wedding. Despite the fact that your relatives and friends will not be nearby, our entire wedding team will be with you throughout the day, and these are: a wedding organizer, photographer, videographer, stylist, makeup artist, leader and all who are needed on this day. And most importantly, in Italy, when the bride walks with the groom around the city, EVERYONE actively congratulates them, which creates an unforgettable holiday atmosphere.

  3. If the wedding is for two, then it can be played at any location, right? Unfortunately, in Italy, not all locations can hold a wedding for two. And the managers of villas and castles can be understood - they are sharpened for large weddings and sell locations on exclusive terms for each wedding. But, we hasten to please you, we have wedding packages with the best locations at the best prices. We have already worked at these locations more than once, we are friends with managers and we know all the details of specific venues well.  Among them are wedding venues with panoramic views and villas, and castles, and historical estates._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


So, if you want to come together and have a wedding for yourself, then Italy is the most win-win option. It can be both the most reckless and the most romantic day - you choose! If you want to book a wedding in Italy for two - contact us and we will select the most stunning offer for you!

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