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Orthodox wedding in Italy

Dreaming of a romantic and beautiful wedding in Italy? We hasten to please you: in this traditionally Catholic country, there are not only many stunning, most beautiful Orthodox churches, but also a lot of priests who are happy to conduct a ceremony for you in Russian (or Ukrainian)! There are such temples both in Rome and in other cities of Italy. 

It should be noted that most of the requirements for a couple planning a wedding in any Orthodox church in Rome (or other cities) are standard.

How to Prepare for a Church Wedding in Italy

There are several conditions, the observance of which is mandatory for a wedding according to the Orthodox rite:

  1. The newlyweds must be officially married (you must register the marriage at the registry office in advance).

  2. A wedding can only take place if both the bride and groom are baptized. It is advisable to present a special baptismal certificate. 

The newlyweds should talk in advance with the priest, who will tell in detail about the essence of the ceremony and preparation for the sacrament of the Orthodox wedding. This can be done in your city, and in Italy, the local priest will already conduct the wedding itself for you

A couple is allowed for the wedding, in which both the groom and the bride:

  • Withstood a short fast (usually at least 3 days), abstaining from quick food and reading the prayers indicated by the priest;

  • They confessed and took communion.

In addition to spiritual preparation, newlyweds need to choose witnesses to perform a wedding ceremony in Orthodox traditions: they must hold crowns over the heads of the newlyweds when they appear before the altar. We remind you: only baptized witnesses can be admitted to the ceremony!

Фото 4 православное венчание в Риме

Orthodox wedding rules. What is required?

To perform the Orthodox wedding ceremony, the newlyweds must have:

  • wedding icons - the Savior and the Mother of God;

  • wedding rings;

  • crowns - they are held over the heads of the young during the ceremony;

  • pectoral crosses;

  • wedding candles and handkerchiefs to hold;

  • towel (special towel)

  • observe the peculiarities of the dress code (standard for all Orthodox churches: a headdress and closed shoulders for women)

Wedding in Rome at St. Catherine's Church


A wedding in Italy is a lot of the most diverse, unique scenarios and thousands of incredible, luxurious locations. They say marriages are made in heaven. Today, many newlyweds seek to strengthen the civil union, forever uniting souls and hearts with the sacrament of marriage. But can a Russian-speaking believing couple get married in accordance with the traditions of the Orthodox Church? Of course yes!

фото 1 церковь святой екатерины в риме

Rome is the eternal city and the cradle of Catholicism, but there areseveral stunning Orthodox parishes, and in some of them the liturgy and other divine services are held in Russian. Among the most famous and popular churches among the Russian-speaking Orthodox parishioners is the Church of the Holy Great Martyr Catherine, located on a hill, on the banks of the Tiber, north of the Villa Ambalek.


The most beautiful templefrom light stone, a cozy well-groomed territory with a spacious terrace offering a stunning panorama overlooking the Vatican - one of the best places for an Orthodox wedding ceremony. The interior decoration of a small, painted, but very cozy room creates an incredibly bright, exciting atmosphere. Note that here no one will interfere with photography in order to capture this exciting event for themselves and future heirs. 

Serving in the templequite young priests. They are very friendly and always happy to help visitors, and especially their compatriots. They will tell you how the ceremony goes and help you prepare for it according to all the rules. Often, after the service, the parishioners, together with the priests, arrange joint dinners in the refectory on the territory of the temple.  

Church of St. Catherine the Great Martyr will becomeperfect place for a weddinga Russian-speaking Orthodox couple, a place that will be associated with memories of one of the brightest events in the history of your family.

фото 2 православная церковь святой Екатерины в Риме. Венчание в Риме

Do you want your wedding in Italy, which includes a wedding in an Orthodox church, to be flawless?

Entrust its organization to the agencyKatrin Moro Weddings. For a full-fledged wedding ceremony, you will need to add a few nuances: decorating the temple with flowers for an Orthodox wedding, musical accompaniment by the church choir, photo and video filming. We will take care of all this for you and help you choose the best services of our wedding contractors at the best prices. Many years of experience in conducting wedding ceremonies allows our close-knit team of real professionals to ensure the preparation of your wedding at the highest level, to foresee and prepare all the details. Trust us - we know how to make this day a day of absolute and boundless happiness for you.

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