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Catholic wedding in Italy

Italy is a country with very deep Catholic traditions, and the most beautiful and incredibly touching ceremony of a Catholic wedding is the most important event in the life of believing newlyweds and the central part of the entire wedding ceremony. How is the ceremony going? Do the bride and groom need special preparation for the wedding? We offer you to learn more about the features of the Catholic wedding in Italy.

Preparing for a Catholic wedding in Italy

To conclude a sacred marriage, newlyweds can choose from a variety of Catholic churches - Katrin Moro Weddings will offer you the best options, one of which you will definitely like. 

An important nuance of the Catholic wedding ceremony, which should be known to foreign citizens who have arrived to marry in Italy, is a number of preparatory activities.


These are special pre-wedding courses, consisting of 10 lessons, where the bride and groom must learn the basic prayers that are read during the Catholic wedding. In addition, the newlyweds get acquainted with the religious aspects of marriage consecrated by the Catholic Church. 

Catechesis can be done in the temple that you usually visit - at the place of residence. Note that after attending such courses, the couple receives the appropriate document - you need to present it to the priest who will marry you. 

Announcement about wedding in the Catholic Church in Italy

Another Catholic tradition is the announcement by the priest of the upcoming wedding to all parishioners after a sermon or service a few weeks before the appointed date. This tradition allows the priest to listen to anyone who wishes to report circumstances preventing marriage.

Note that these, as well as some other nuances of a Catholic wedding, require young people to inform in advance of their intention to seal the marriage bond with a wedding ceremony. It is better to contact the priest a year before the wedding.

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How is the sacrament of the wedding in the Catholic Church

We note right away that different cities and temples may have their own subtleties and nuances. Who leads the bride to the altar: the father or the groom? Is an oath necessary? What about the background music and track color? There is no single standard here.

The sacrament of a Catholic wedding is traditionally held in the morning, after the completion of the liturgy, sometimes in the afternoon, before the evening service, but never after sunset. This should be kept in mind if you are planning a wedding in late autumn or winter.

The temple is decorated with flowers, and for newlyweds it is customary to lay a carpet along which the bride and groom will approach the altar. The priest comes out to the young in festive attire.

Here are the main stages of the Catholic wedding ceremony:
  • Greeting guests and newlyweds. 

  • First prayer, short sermon.

  • The couple answers questions about mutual and voluntary consent to marriage.

  • Taking the vow is optional if the newlyweds are too excited.

  • Consecration of the rings.

  • Reading prayers.

In Italy, it is customary to hand out special books to all guests who arrive at a Catholic wedding, where all the stages of the ceremony will be indicated in detail.

After the completion of the wedding ceremony, the guests go to the restaurant, and the young people are waiting for a photo session.

It is possible to seal a marriage with a Catholic wedding only if a number of conditions are met:

  1. Young people must be officially married and confirm this with documents. 

  2. The bride and groom must be baptized, while the groom must be a Catholic.

  3. At the wedding, the presence of one or two pairs of witnesses is required.


There are other points that should definitely be clarified - from the choice of date to the features of the dress code. However, there is no need to worry ahead of time. By entrusting the organization of your wedding and the organization of the Catholic wedding to the agency "Katrin Moro Weddings", you can be sure that this event will leave the brightest and most joyful memories in your soul.

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