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Jewish wedding in Italy

A traditional Jewish wedding can surprise any random guest, but a Jewish wedding in Italy is also an amazing atmosphere, a grand celebration and 136bad5cf58d_

Why choose  Italy to celebrate a Jewish wedding?

There are Jewish diasporas in all corners of our planet, but there are not many places where you can rent a real castle, a luxurious villa for a wedding ceremony, and hold the “chuppah” ceremony on an open terrace, from where stunning panoramas of the eternal city open up. There are many absolutely incredible, fabulously delightful locations here - your wedding photo session will always evoke the warmest and most joyful memories in you. 

Фото 101 Еврейская свадьба в Италии. Д и

Conditions for a Jewish wedding in Italy

There are only two conditions, the observance of which will make your Jewish wedding unique, luxurious and memorable:

  1. Preparations for a Jewish wedding should begin in advance - a year, or better - a year and a half before the appointed, fateful date. So, you will be sure that the wedding celebration will be organized flawlessly, all the nuances and wishes will be taken into account. In addition, by reserving your chosen locations and booking a hotel in advance, you can count on very worthy discounts.

  2. Entrust the preparation and holding of a Jewish wedding to true professionals in their field - the agency "Katrin Moro Weddings". We have experience in holding wedding celebrations in Jewish traditions. To be convinced of this, it is enough to see the wedding photos of Daniela and Maxim, a Jewish couple from the USA, which are posted on our website.

Our agency will take into account all your wishes, take care of the accommodation of guests, kosher meals, and of course, the appropriate musical accompaniment for a Jewish wedding. 

To perform religious marriage ceremonies, a rabbi will be invited for you to conduct a traditional wedding ceremony in English.

Jewish wedding traditions and customs

A traditional Jewish wedding is often compared to a multi-colored carpet, in which many threads are intricately woven, stretching from the depths of millennia to the present.

cabalat-panimand marriage contract

The main marriage celebrations are preceded by Kabalat-panim - a reception of guests, which takes place separately for future spouses. The bride, sitting on the "throne" - a specially decorated chair, accepts the congratulations of relatives and friends invited to the Jewish wedding. The groom also receives his share of congratulations. Wedding hymns based on verses from the Torah and congratulations from male guests are played. In addition, the groom, in the presence of a rabbi and witnesses, signs a special wedding contract, in which he takes on the obligation to provide for his wife, give her shelter and clothing, love and respect her until the end of her days. In fact, these are two contracts:  

  • Tnaim- betrothal contract;

  • Ktubu- marriage contract.

As you have noticed, all the nuances of family relations are thought out and taken into account here, and the “scenario” of a Jewish wedding is perfected by centuries-old traditions.


When the "formalities" are settled and the contracts are signed, it's time for the wedding climax, the most exciting moment. However, before the newlyweds acquire the status of spouses, badeken takes place - an incredibly romantic ritual of laying a wedding veil on the bride's head by the groom. Badeken is a symbol of protection, care and responsibility that a girl agrees to accept from her fiancé.

When the bride's head is covered, the Jewish wedding comes to the most important, touching and beautiful moment, which is called nisuin. For its implementation, the young must take a place on the Chuppah - the wedding canopy.

It should be noted that all the rites of the Jewish wedding are held very solemnly, to the sounds of the music of religious chants, befitting the moment.

  • The groom enters under the Chuppah first.

  • Under the canopy enters the bride, who is led to the altar by her father. This is where the marriage ceremony takes place.

  • betrothal (erusin) - symbolizing the fact that the bride is inaccessible to all men, with the exception of the groom.

  • The rabbi blesses the wine and the wedding ring, which the groom puts on the bride's finger.

  • After the "prayer of seven blessings" over a glass of wine for the bride and groom, the groom breaks the glass - they say, in memory of the destroyed Jerusalem Temple. Or, to remember: happiness is fragile, it must be protected!

Фото 105 Еврейская свадьба в Италии. Д и
Jewish wedding banquet in Italy

After all the celebrations, young people and guests are generously treated, welcomed, honored and, of course, entertained as best they can! As a rule, a real Jewish wedding is:  

  • Very generous, gourmet menu including kosher dishes. And of course, gefilte fish: the famous stuffed fish that symbolizes fertility.

  • Lots of national music. For a Jewish wedding, the Katrin Moro Weddings agency invites a cover band that will perform the most famous compositions, as well as favorite world hits: “Mazal Tov”, “Hava Nagila” and other works.

  • Incendiary dances in which all guests take part - for example, a dance with a veil, or the famous custom of circling the newlyweds, lifting them up on chairs. 

Of course, in each case, the scenario of the solemn marriage is adjusted in accordance with the wishes of the bride and groom.

Plan for a Jewish wedding in Italy

A Jewish wedding is always a luxurious celebration with a large number of guests, lasting from one to three days. We offer the following wedding plan:  

  1. The first day. Meeting and resettlement of guests and newlyweds, a party during which guests from both sides will have time to get acquainted. 

  2. Second day. Marriage, the culmination of the holiday.

  3. Day three. After-party - you need to have time to say goodbye to new relatives, exchange contacts, take a photo as a keepsake.

Of course, this is just our proposed Jewish wedding scheme, but you can make your suggestions, adjustments and wishes. We are sure that your wedding under the gentle sun of Italy will become the most beautiful, romantic and memorable.

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