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Symbolic Ceremony in Italy

HIT among wedding ceremonies in Italy!

Symbolic ceremony in Italy - in fact, not symbolic at all, but the most that neither isreal ceremony, full of feelings and experiences. 

Every year more and more couples who have already officially registered their marriage arrive in the cities of Italy, wanting to have a good rest and at the same time organize a symbolic wedding ceremony in Italy. 

Who is suitable for a symbolic ceremony in Italy

  • who has already signed and wants an exclusive wedding ceremony based on your love story

  • who does not want to bother and pay extra money for the execution of Italian official documents

  • who decided to celebrate their wedding anniversary

  • who wanted to propose to his girlfriend and arrange a wedding rehearsal

Symbolic Wedding in Italy- this is an ideal option for those who want to relive all the touching moments of this magical day, enjoy a colorful ceremony without fuss and nerves, revive their feelings by getting magnificent and bright photos from the land of the eternal sun. And, most importantly, who wants the whole scenario of the holiday to be focused on your love story.

You -writers of this holiday, and we -directorsready to make your wildest fantasies come true. 


For each couple, we write an individual step-by-step holiday plan based on your love story, we help you choose the perfect venue for the ceremony, based on personal wishes and the number of invited guests. We work out the details of decor, floristry and serving, help to choose the perfect image of the bride. Coordination of musical accompaniment and services of a photographer. Our task is to make your holiday great and perfect, without imposing our point of view.

It can be a wedding for two, a buffet for a small group of closest friends or a real feast for all relatives. In a magnificent villa, winery or restaurant with a panoramic view of the ancient city. A touching ceremony on the shore of the purest lake or an authentic banquet in the style of the Godfather.

The difference between official and symbolic ceremonies in Italy
Фото 1 разница между официальной и симво

official ceremony

  • text:memorized standard text of the ceremony as in all standard registry offices

  • leading:no choice of leader

  • location: the wedding takes place at the registry office or at a location where there is a license for an official ceremony

  • preparation time:at least six months

  •  price:from 2500 euros (only documents)

Фото 2 разница между официальной и симво



  • text:a script specially written for you based on your love story

  • leading:the opportunity to choose the host of the ceremony

  • location: Possibility to choose any place for the wedding

  • preparation time:min 1 week

  • price:from 1850 euros (turnkey wedding package)

Contact us to find out what is included in the wedding package and what locations we offer for a symbolic ceremony.

Katrin Moro Weddingsis a wedding agency in Italy that can satisfy the craziest desires of the newlyweds. We are categorically against templates and always offer individual programs, taking into account all the wishes of customers.

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