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Wedding photographer in Italy

A wedding photographer in Italy is an important contractor for your wedding, because photos are what you will have as memories and on every anniversary of yours you will remember your amazing wedding in Italy with great nostalgia.

Фотограф на свадьбу в Италии - Katrin Moro Weddings Фото 2

Wedding photographer in Italy

Italy has a huge number of Russian-speaking wedding photographers who will professionally shoot your wedding in Italy. And also for the wedding season, many different photographers from all over the world come to Italy. 


We know many of them in absentia, but we only work with wedding photographers in Italy whom we know personally and have already done photo shoots with them and seen them in action. It is important for us that a wedding photographer in Italy, first of all, be responsible and punctual in terms of the delivery of wedding photos.

How to choose a wedding photographer for a wedding in Italy

We are very sensitive to the choice of a wedding photographer in Italy. A wedding day in Italy cannot be repeated again and therefore a wedding photographer has no room for error and must be impeccable in all parliaments.


In our database there are wedding photographers in Italy with different types of shooting and processing. Some brides like more airy wedding photos, in lighter shades. Someone prefers deeper colors, and someone chooses a wedding photographer in Italy who has a dark photo processing. It's all a matter of your taste. 

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Фотограф на свадьбу в Италии - Katrin Moro Weddings Фото 4

How much does a wedding photographer cost in Italy? 

The cost of a wedding photographer in Italy depends on many factors: the popularity of the photographer (and, accordingly, his workload), his experience and professionalism. The average price of a wedding photographer in Italy for the whole day is 1.000 -2.000 euros. If you are planning only a symbolic ceremony or a photo walk, where you need a photographer for just a couple of hours, then you can negotiate a lower cost for a photo session in Italy


Based on your wishes and wedding budget, we will easily find the best wedding photographer in Italy for you. 

Check out some of our  wedding photographers in Italy


Свадебный фотограф в Италии Фото 3

Wedding photographer in Italy.  Photographer from Rome. Irina specializes in both wedding photography and advertising photography. Very beautiful portrait wedding photos and an interesting play of light. The emphasis is also on reportage photography, which  is essential during a wedding in Italy, as it is important to capture every wedding moment. Irina is originally from Moscow where she worked for the well-known glossy magazine Instyle. Her collection includes photos of work with such stars as Olga Buzova, Masha Tsigal, Ravshan Kurkova, Ekaterina Shpitsa, Ivan Zhidkov, Natalya Chudova, and so on.



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Свадебный фотограф в Италии фото 2

Wedding photographer in Italy. Wedding photographer in Rome. Katerina has dark processing of wedding photos, which is her hallmark. Both portrait and general photographs are equally beautiful. Fast delivery of photos, even if the wedding lasted several days. On the eve of the wedding, you can have a beautiful photo shoot in Rome so that you can feel more confident on your wedding day and already know all your winning sides. 



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Свадебный фотограф в Италии фото 1

Wedding photographer in Italy, wedding photographer in Rome. Julia is very dynamic in her work, she quickly takes photos, and if necessary, suggests a couple of poses. Comes up with a mood board in advance. Julia prepares very carefully for every wedding in Italy and even dresses in a dress code style to be in common with the guests. Yulia's husband also shoots videos, which can be a nice bonus for a couple.



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