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Wedding Ceremony in Italy

Decided to have a wedding in Italy? Today, this choice is made by many couples captivated by the beauty of this country, its stunning architecture, marvelous music and, of course, unsurpassed Italian cuisine.

AgencyKatrin Moro Weddingswill take care of allorganizing your wedding in Italy. The bride and groom only need to choose the version of the ceremony that best reflects their views and beliefs, corresponds to their tastes and wishes.

There are a fewtypes of wedding ceremonies: official ceremony, symbolic ceremony, Orthodox wedding, Catholic wedding, mixed Orthodox-Catholic wedding

By entrusting your wedding to Katrin Moro Weddings, you can be sure that everything will go off without a hitch, in compliance with religious, national traditions and civil laws. We promise to organize an incredibly bright, touching and very beautiful celebration dedicated to the birth of your new family!

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