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Official Ceremony in Italy

Have you already firmly decided to hold a wedding ceremony in Italy? One can only envy your choice: it is hard to imagine another place on earth where ancient history and modernity, European sophisticated elegance and stormy Mediterranean temperament would be so closely intertwined. Dreaming of a real, official ceremony in Italy? AgencyKatrin Moro Weddingsoffers to learn more about several important nuances about how everything happens in reality.

What is required for an official ceremony in Italy

The standard scenario of an official ceremony in Italy, in general, is close to the usual solemn marriage in an ordinary Russian registry office. In addition to the newlyweds, the presence of two witnesses is mandatory.

For an official ceremony in the municipality, first of all, you will need to presentNulla Osta- this document indicates that there are no circumstances preventing your marriage. You will receive such a document at the Italian consulate in your country. So, to obtain Nulla Osta in the territory of the Russian Federation, you will need originals, as well as notarized, translated into Italian and legalized by apostille, copies of:

  • Russian passport;

  • international passports;

  • birth certificates.

For persons who already have experience of living in marriage, notarized copies will be required:

  1. divorce certificates - for those who are divorced;

  2. spouse's death certificates - for widowers and widows;

  3. certificates of previous marriage;

  4. certificates of change of surname - if this fact took place.

Obtaining the Nulla Osta certificate allows you to set the date of the official ceremony in Italy, in the municipality of the selected commune.

To conclude an official marriage in Italy, foreign citizens will need to present:

  • passports of the bride and groom;

  • Nulla Osta references;

  • copies of witnesses' IDs.


Which couples are suitable for an official ceremony in Italy

For a couple who do not have Italian citizenship, getting married officially in Italy is not only troublesome, but also quite expensive. 

Bureaucratic difficulties are exacerbated by rather tangible material costs: an official marriage ceremony in Italy will costforeign newlywedsabout 2500 euros, including the services of an agent collecting all your documents, but not counting other wedding expenses.

If the budget is limited, you will have to save money by depriving yourself or your guests of previously planned pleasures. That is why foreign couples, instead of an official ceremony, prefer a symbolic ceremony that will be stunning, bright andmemorable event, a fabulous embodiment of your dreams and will save you a lot of money.  

Note that the official wedding ceremony in Italy is more often chosen by couples in which at least one of the people getting married has Italian citizenship. For example, yourfiance is italianand you are Russian. In this case, the official fee will be an order of magnitude lower: the state fee will be only 150 euros. An official wedding in Italy for such an international couple will be part of a grand celebration with a large number of guests or a modest, but no less romantic wedding for two.

If you want an official wedding in Italy, then we have an agent who will take care of all your documents and you will not have to worry about anything. He will prepare all your documents, help with translations into Italian and legalization of documents for your country.

For all questions regarding the features of the official ceremony, write to us or contact us on WhatsApp and wewe will advise you free of charge.

Examples of registry offices of Rome

for official ceremony

Официальная свадьба в Загсе Рима / фото 4
Официальная церемония в Риме / фото 5
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