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Wedding in Italy Feedback from our customers

Свадьба в Италии в замке отзывы

Agata & Oleg

Catherine, thank you so much for organizing our wedding with Oleg. You did something incredible for us! Yes, and in such a short time. The medieval castle that you advised us conquered all our guests, and I felt like a real countess in it. The wedding program was just bombing, each time the guests were surprised that the holiday went on and on, and when the fireworks began under the cake and we all went out onto the terrace, I could not believe my eyes that we did it! Honestly, I was madly worried about how everything would go, and if it weren’t for you, I don’t even know how it would be possible to cope with such a complex organization of our wedding. You and your team are great fellows! Everything was top notch! I love! and I want to go back to Italy.

Интернациональная свадьба в Италии отзывы

Viktoria & Dustin

Katrinushka, I want to thank you for helping me organize our wedding. It's good that I found you. If not for you, then I would have to solve all the difficult issues myself. You helped me enjoy the holiday and not think about any organizational issues. Exactly how I wanted it. Justin and I are very happy that after the wedding you became our friend. Sending you a big hello from America. And thanks again!

Свадьба на берегу моря в Италии отзывы

Karolina & Alessandro

Thank you very much, Catherine, that you were able to do everything as I wanted and freed us  from unnecessary trouble. Although I was not particularly worried and knew that everything would be great, but a wedding with a child is an additional expenditure of energy. We had a lot of guests from America at our wedding and I wanted everything to be American and Italian. All guests were very satisfied, it was fun, stylish and at the same time very sincere and at home. I am very glad that after the wedding we became good friends, so I am especially pleased to write this review for you, my darling! I wish prosperity to your wedding agency!

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