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Catholic & Orthodox

mixed wedding in italy

Catholic & Orthodox weddings in Italy are very common, as many of our girls marry an Italian and decide not just to officially register the marriage, but to get married in a church.


The Vatican allows such marriages: when the husband is a Catholic, and the bride is Orthodox. It is important that both are of the same Christian faith. But marriage between a Catholic and a Muslim / Buddhist / atheist is not allowed, here either someone accepts the faith of their soulmate, or simply signs in the registry office, without a wedding.

There are a lot of rumors around mixed weddings, but in reality everything is much simpler than it seems. I, Catherine Moreau, myself was in such a situation and, like no one else, I know about all the details of such a wedding. And here I will tell you about all the nuances of a Catholic - Orthodox wedding.


How is a mixed Catholic - Orthodox wedding

  1. To get started, you need to choosewhere will you get married: in the Catholic or Orthodox Church. If you will be getting married in a Catholic church, then you can see detailed information about how a Catholic wedding takes If in the Orthodoxthen on this page. An important nuance - where you will get married, such a denomination will be taken lateryour future children. The church even allows you to sign a document stating that you agree that your children will be either Catholics or Orthodox . 

  2. The wedding will take place according to all the rules of the Catholic or Orthodox Church. That is, there are no special ceremonies for a mixed wedding. But if you want, you can addsome rituals. For example, at my wedding in the Catholic Church, I really wanted to have similar rituals as in the Orthodox Church, and we learned that Catholics have such a ceremony when crowns are put on young people.

  3. In order to be married, you needprovide a certificateabout your baptism, certified by an apostille and translated into Italian. For example, the church where I was baptized no longer exists. We turned to the main church, where we were given such a certificate. 

  4. For a wedding, you must beofficially married. In Italy, when preparing for the wedding, they immediately prepare all the documents for the official painting.

Фото 4 православное католическое венчани
Wedding video in Italy Catherine and Angelo

If you still have questions about a mixed Catholic - Orthodox wedding, we will be happy to advise you free of charge and help you organize the sacrament of your mixed wedding.

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